The Sunyani Municipal Assembly has again failed to elect a Presiding Member (PM) to steer the affairs of the Assembly in a special meeting held on 27th February, 2024

After two rounds of voting, none of the two candidates, Mr. Joseph Appiah Mensah and Mr. Abdul Razak Abdulai secured the two-thirds of at least 34 votes needed to win, disqualifying them to contest again.

In the first round, Mr. Appiah Mensah and Mr. Razak Abdulai polled 25 and 21 votes respectively. Three of the votes were rejected. However, in the second round, Mr. Appiah Mensah and Mr. Razak Abdulai secured 27 and 21 votes respectively with two ballots being rejected.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Dr. Philip D. Baazeng urged the Assembly members to end the stalemate to elect a PM to promote the decentralization process of our democracy. He said that, the absence of a PM would affect the management and duties of the Assembly and encouraged them to elect a PM in their next meeting on a date to be communicated later.

The Election was supervised by the Electoral Commission