Mr. George Nii Lartey
Mr. George Nii Lartey
Municipal Works Engineer


The Works department of the Sunyani Municipal Assembly exists to ensure within the scope of our vision the orderly and aesthetic development of the build environment of our municipality.

The department is responsible for the development and maintenance of first cycle schools, markets, sanitary structures, management of the Assembly’s landed properties, designs, and management of all building projects of the Assembly, premises, house numbering.

The department also see to development control and demolishes unauthorized developments as well as dangerous and ruinous buildings.

The Works Department as parts of its functions shall;

  • Assist the Assembly to formulate policies on works within the framework of national policies;
  • Assist to establish and specify the programmes of action necessary for the implementation of physical plans;
  • Facilitate the implementation of policies on works and report to the Assembly;
  • Advise the Assembly on matters relating to works in the municipality;
  • Assist in preparing tender documents for all civil works projects to be undertaken by the Assembly through contracts or community initiated projects;
  • Facilitate the construction, repair and maintenance of public roads and drains along any street in major settlements of the municipality;

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